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Where the creating started

As I get older, I find myself walking a very, very, very similar creative path to my Ma. Did I mention it is similar? Ha, ha. When I was little, each summer my Ma would make three "good" dresses for me. As I aged, I had more say in the colours and styles and it was just so FUN to see them come to life! And if I inherit a tenth of her skills in the garden, I will be a very happy woman, but that's another story.

From early in her motherhood story she was stretching her pennies by making clothes for her children (my brothers & I), clever designs for training pants and the like. My maternal grandmother handmade and sold children's clothing. I am on a path that was well trodden before me!

I am using the skills they shared with me, the creative flair, the inherent practicality and I am now loving that I am designing items for everyone else to enjoy. Where I differ from their path is that I am choosing to have my items manufactured by others (ethically, of course). The creative process is so very enjoyable and stretches my imagination, and I cannot wait to share our first designs with the world!

Thank you Ma for teaching me and sharing a joy of practical design ❤️

My Ma & our youngest baby (Haaniya) having a conversation

Aleza xx

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