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What's in a name

Little Joy Clothing - where did the name come from? Is there a story or is it just a cute name?

There's definitely a story to this name! Our beautiful grandma Joy was an inspiring matriarch, she taught us how to stand up for what we believe, to set an example of being the best we can be, to value family, to be a good person. I am so grateful for her influence and visits with her were always a JOY.

When we were pregnant with our last baby, there were so many beautiful names to choose from, although if I am honest most of the names we loved I struggled to pronounce 🙊(Dadda is from Pakistan). I asked Malik if we could ensure we incorporate JOY into baby's name and Haaniya is the perfect choice, meaning "brings joy" which is perfect of course, because she brings all of us much JOY, every day.

And so, Little JOY Clothing is a perfect fit to represent where we started, what we are, what we want to share.

Aleza xx

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