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Unisex or Gender Neutral?

Is Little Joy Clothing a unisex brand or a gender neutral brand? Or gender-less? Or androgynous? So many questions!

This article goes into far more detail than my little blog piece (I like bite size commentaries for readers, making it easy to read and easy to find more information on if the topic requires it) but I particularly like this comment: "The concept of gender-neutral or unisex products is a great way to introduce to people, en masse, the idea of silhouettes that are different and allow them to explore fashion freely without judgement of what's expected to be worn by both genders."

The article goes on to beautifully explain the origins of unisex fashion, gender-neutral fashion, and even touches on androgynous fashion. It can be summarised as thus:

  • Unisex is a (now) old-fashioned concept catering for the young post-WW2 fashions

  • Gender-neutral/genderless fashion is the current style catering for different silhouettes over different genders

  • Androgynous is between the two in the fashion timeline and is more about boxy shaped clothing designed to be slightly more masculine in look but suitable for all genders.

Ultimately, I once again don't really feel like I am fitting a definition as it is all about comfort and practicality whilst being a really fun design.

So here's the closest definition: "The avant-garde is a person or work that is experimental, radical, or unorthodox with respect to art, culture, or society. It is frequently characterised by aesthetic innovation and initial unacceptability."

I'll just wear the 'Avant-garde' hat and smile ❤️🎪

Aleza xx

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