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Travelling Australia

Our family has been on so many fabulous adventures and without a doubt one of the best has been travelling around Australia in a bus. It's a big country and despite two years travelling we only covered half of it! We left WA with 4 kids, returning when I was pregnant with our fifth, we home schooled, we used cloth nappies, and it was like living in a storybook.

Australia has a lot of very red dirt, the kind that stains your clothing and literally never washes out. We had minimal storage (and money!) in the bus so clothing for the kids was all about practicality. Colours were essential (no white, ever, unless you wanted it red instead of white) and hard wearing materials that washed and dried quickly. Unisex was imperative so that items could be used for many kids. This lifestyle was a crash course in essential clothing choices for kids!

One of our many campsites complete with the washing hanging out to dry and our dog.

The Bungle Bungles in Western Australia

Aleza xx

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