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The Ringmaster Jacket

When I set out to make all of the pieces in the {Circus} Range, I spent a lot of time on making sure it was going to be a piece of clothing worthy of investment.

The Ringmaster Jacket was given a lot of attention. The highlights:

  • Extendable cuffs for longer use as your small person grows

  • Unobtrusive collar that doesn't get in the way

  • Made from comfortable cotton with a dash of elastane for stretchy comfort for playing in

  • Practical outer colours: Onyx, Sapphire, Ruby with a fun lining - Circus Stripes

  • Two easy snaps at the front for closure when the weather is a little cooler

  • Cut high at the front so the style still suits as the wearer gets taller

  • Unisex/gender-neutral so all of your kids and all of their cousins and all of their friends can get use out of it!

On that last point. I remember when I was having one baby after another with my friends we used to hand the bag of baby clothes between us depending on which kid was fitting what. It was an excellent way to make your dollars stretch when you're a young family starting out. Unfortunately, unless we happened to have the same gender, many clothes didn't easily share. Reflecting on that, it was a little silly of us really, as our babies knew no better! So here's the simple solution - intentionally designed to be unisex ❤🎪

Aleza & the Little Joy Family x

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