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It's definitely summer in Australia! I have been blessed to experience summer in other countries and it definitely is a different experience all over. In Western Australia we have longer days (than winter), but not as long as summer in the UK (for example). Our summer is very dry and hot in Perth, but once you are north of Carnarvon it becomes humid. It's a huge state with a lot of diversity!

Generally speaking, our babies and toddlers live in singlets and nappies during summer, with lots of water play opportunities. Sprinkler under the trampoline for the bigger kids. That's why I have chosen to design summer-friendly clothing items that can also be layered later on for cooler weather. I won't be bringing out a range for the season, instead it will be by theme and the clothing will be useful for all seasons. Practical and quirky all the way!

This photo of our youngest baby and myself was taken by Amelia out on one of our gorgeous Perth beaches. We are wearing customised, handmade clothing from She Could Sew She Did

Aleza xx

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