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Photography - Part 2

After a few years of baby raising (and turning my hand to baby friendly work such as running a family day care), I decided to fully throw my heart into pursuing photography. My soul has always been happiest with portrait photography, I love nothing better than to show the true beauty of each person I was honoured to photograph.

It was at this time I started to look into using photography as a healing tool. I discovered Sue Bryce and I was hooked. Unfortunately, just as I was really making progress in this direction, life decided to direct me elsewhere and I reluctantly put down my camera and prioritised family.

Photography has been a part of me wherever I go. I used to have boxes and boxes of negatives, 4x6 prints that didn't make it to the old fashioned albums. What I didn't have, was a cloud storage solution and so when we had a fire (more on that in another post) I lost almost everything. I learned a hard lesson, nowadays I print photos and post photos and save photos.

I am crazy excited to start photographing our first range and if I am lucky, I hope I will get to work with the amazing Christy from tlorie!

Aleza xx

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