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Behind this woman is a super hero supportive husband. We have talked (well, I talked, he listened, supported, and suggested as I talked some more) as we walked around the streets pushing the baby in the pram, every drive to/from the office, 2am, 6pm, 10:30am text messages and calls and wake ups ... this guy has been listening to every idea that has popped into my head and I need to talk through. It's a tough job he has, knowing when I just need to talk out loud (a lot) or when I need advice (occasional) and when I need my hand held as I despair of it ever working (more often than I care to recall) he's there already holding it.

The bonus round is that he offers invaluable dad point of view for the designs. Practical, parent-friendly is as important as fun and comfy for kids.

Aleza xx

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