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It is a very exciting day today, we are celebrating the day Lillian made us a family 21 years ago! Our firstborn has been an absolute gift from day one: she is an incredibly talented and creative soul who also took on the oldest sibling role with panache. Today I am filled with gratitude for the beautiful person that first called me mama ❤️

When Lillian was born, I was 20 and her dad was 22 and like many young families we had very little in the way of extra money, but what we had we made it go a long way. We used folded cloth nappies (MCNs had barely become a thing) and bought from garage sales. The one or two items we bought new were very carefully chosen for longevity and practicality. We would often swap clothes with friends as we all took turns in having our babies.

Even back then I knew the children's clothing market hadn't successfully allowed for ease of sharing between kids and it was both frustrating and expensive as a result. This was the start of me learning what I would love to design and offer one day in children's clothing.

Aleza xx

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