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Let Clothes Be Clothes

I have felt a bit like a lone wolf in my journey to design and produce unisex clothing for young children. I knew what I wanted to create and make available, I knew that others wanted it as well, but I didn't know there was a group that collectively thought as I did.

During my continuous research, I was absolutely thrilled to come across the grassroots campaign - Let Clothes Be Clothes.

From their website: "Let Clothes Be Clothes is a grassroots campaign group set up to challenge harmful gender stereotyping in the design and marketing of children's clothing, footwear and accessories. Led by founder Francesca Mallen, LCBC advocates a unisex ("for all") childrenswear policy for schools, and promotes choice for consumers by challenging widespread gender coding of children's products."

I made contact with Fran and I am absolutely honoured to be recognised as one of LCBC approved retailers. You can see their complete list here.

I am loving being part of a collective that believes in providing another clothing choice.

Thank you for being here with us!

Aleza & The Little Joy Family x

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