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Launch date ... and a gift

This is a brand new start up company, with unique and original designs and we are taking the time getting everything juuuuuuust right. From the original designs, to the drawings (tech packs)through to finding a manufacturer, and working through samples. This is the very short version of why it is all taking so long to get to the point where there is stock so you can get your hands on the gorgeous unisex items.

We estimate that we will be ready to launch in April, just in time to celebrate our littlest little one's second birthday! Oh and a couple of the bigger ones (we have three April babies!) - it's a very special month. Once we have the third and final samples here we can officially announce our launch pre-order gift.

What would you most value - items? money to spend in the store? or the value of your order credited to you? Let me know on insta at instagram.com/little.joy.clothing/ or facebook.com/Little-Joy-Clothing-108321841011673

Aleza xx

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