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Well it was bound to happen eventually, right? Yup, our fourth baby to join us and my mama instinct was pretty confident I was carrying a boy this time. This was going to change everything ... (feel free to hear that in Hiccup's voice from How To Train Your Dragon - one of his fave shows). We had an extra challenge in dressing Jacob as a newborn in that he had a brace for several months to assist with rectifying his "clicky hip" (hip dysplasia). I am incredibly grateful it was a simple thing to rectify and didn't impede much at all.

But what about the clothes?! I had all the girls clothes and very little in the way of unisex clothes. It was at this stage I truly understood how ridiculous it is that society has dictated what is acceptable as "girl" or "boy" clothes, especially when it's for such little people that only truly care about the comfort of it.

Whilst I am not about to go changing the accepted norms, I do very much want to produce clothing that is outside of the box: to be practical, useful, a worthy investment for families.

Aleza xx

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