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I honestly thought I was done having babies after Charlotte. I was even more sure after I had Jacob! Then I experienced the strangest sensation, I felt like counting four heads wasn't right, there was totally supposed to be five ... and so we added little Isobel Rose to our family and finally five little ducklings felt so right.

Isy has been such a stylish lass from early on. She knew how she wanted her hair done - or not done, what she wanted to wear and how it was worn. She is also our in-house DJ, her music taste is on point. It was a very new experience to have a little one dictating their own style so early, that was a learning curve for all involved, but it was so wonderful to experience that all 5 kids have their very own way of doing things.

I hope that the range of clothing I design and make available will appeal to your quirky little individual beings that want to have a say in what they wear!

Aleza xx

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