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And so we arrive at last to my walking hearts, my daily inspiration for all of Little Joy designs. Our family has been so incredibly fortunate to have been gifted six beautiful kids.

I can honestly say that I have run the gauntlet on dressing babies and kids! There are some things I couldn't live without (singlets) and some things that torture me (tiny buttons, especially at neck closures for babies & toddlers!). More than anything, I love clothes that are easy to put on for parents and super comfy for kids. This has driven me with all of our designs.

I look forward to introducing the kids all individually in future blog posts, but for now I can tell you we have: Lillian (almost 21), Amelia (18), Charlotte (16), Jacob (14), Isobel (12) , and baby Haaniya (18mths).

Our little family of joy ❤️ (L-R) Charlotte, Amelia, Haaniya, Lillian, Jacob, Isobel

Aleza xx

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