• Aleza 歹

How we came to be here

... and other existential questions.

Only kidding! I will make it slightly simpler than that 不不

I was sitting on the sofa during Haaniya's baby moon, thoroughly enjoying the privilege of being able to take the time to enjoy our little gift, when I discovered Instagram all over again. I used it many years ago but then in my absence it has grown into something incredible. So many beautiful images, so many gorgeous accounts, and omgosh so many darling indie brands! I was totally in my element.

So now I wanted to be a part of this for myself, for my creative soul. After many, many, many conversations with others to get their feedback on what they thought was missing from the market, I knew that I could provide an alternative.

In particular, many boy mamas were lamenting the fact that there is easily ten times the clothing choices for girls over boys. In listening to everyone I wanted to provide a PRACTICAL and FUN alternative, thus I settled on unisex designs.

Haaniya and I hanging out together!

Aleza xx

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