• Aleza ❤️


Sooooo, yeah, I was totally content with my 5 wee babes (not that they are so little these days!) and then life takes a few turns to the left, a few to the right and then a parallel leap to an alternate universe and voila! baby #6 entered our world!

Our littlest human is almost two and she keeps us all on our toes and on minimal sleep, but our hearts are full of gratitude and joy for the beautiful family we have. Plus, it is so lovely to have extra hands to help out, the older kids are wonderful with her ❤️

Haaniya has her own instagram page (hernameis_haaniya) and we have been showcasing small businesses from the beginning. It is an honour to be surrounded by so many talented and inspiring small business owners. The outfit Haaniya is wearing in the photo is handmade from She Could Sew She Did in the UK.

Aleza xx

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