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Gratitude Post

A dream this big would never have come to life without the love, support, and skills of my incredible network. You've met my six walking inspirations (the kids!) and my wonderfully patient husband, and my parents, but now I would like to publicly thank:

Patricia - Patricia has met with me weekly to discuss branding, design files, website design, logo designs, and myriads of tiny details you just don't realise goes into creating a new business. Her attention to detail, her creative flair, her humour, and her friendship has been invaluable. Thank you 💕

Visiting the zoo to escape the "office" 😁

Adam - Adam has generously shared his time and skills to brainstorm the big business thinking, putting together a business plan, (y'all want to ever apply to NEIS, I have the info for you!) financial plan, big picture thinking to ensure there is a direction to follow. His patience, ability to draw out the right information and document (speedy fingers!) and humour has been a deeply appreciated gift. Thank you 💜

Adam's first time holding bubba Haaniya 🧁

There are many honourable mentions: my friends for all of their love and support and feedback, you cannot buy that. My other mum (the big kids' dad's wife ... we love her!) for getting me set up with bookkeeping, my fabulous manufacturers, Ash & Kara from Visionise, amazing client support from DHL ... like I said, there are so many things that go into building a small business and I am deeply grateful and filled with JOY that this is my new adventure.

Aleza xx

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