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Fast Fashion - what's the deal?

I have known for a long time that fast fashion is a blight, an environmental disaster, but when I first came across this article I was truly horrified. Below is an image of landfill in the Ghanaian capital of Accra, up to 20 metres high and it is estimated that 60% of it is clothing. My brain literally struggles to grasp this.

Some 15 million used garments pour into Accra every week from the UK, Europe, North America and Australia.

I'll say that again because it's insane - 15 MILLION used garments. Every week.

"An estimated 85 per cent of all textiles go to the dump every year, according to the World Economic Forum, enough to fill Sydney Harbour annually.

Globally, that’s the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles being burned or going into landfill every second."

So what is a 'Fast Fashion' brand?

A mass-market brand that rapidly produces inexpensive clothing in response to the latest trends ie cheap, trendy, and disposable - making it easy to shop on impulse. You know you know them, but here's a list of a few and you can read why to avoid them over here:

  • Rip Curl

  • Primark

  • Victoria's Secret

  • BooHoo

  • H&M

  • Zara

  • Adidas

There are lots of ways to make a choice that will be a better choice not only for the environment but also for your budget. I'll cover these in another post.

Meanwhile ... what has been your experience with fashion?

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