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Fashion wisdom

Or in this case: how we can make fashion choices that are long lasting.

Slow Fashion, Ethical Fashion. Minimalism, Recycled, Upcycled, Organic, GOTS ... there are so many ways to go when you want to actively choose fashion for the future.

If budget is a priority, then the Op Shop isn't your only option. I like to work with someone that makes their own clothes and pay off the new item in instalments. This ensures that I not only support a small biz, but because I have made a significant investment with a quality item, it looks good and lasts a long time. An absolute bonus is that the item is made just for you, so not only is it unique, but it fits so much better than off-the-rack!

For the kids, I used to buy well known brands at a fraction of the price off-season/end of season. By intentionally not buying into (pun intended!) the need to be "in fashion" for that season, we have many beautiful and high quality pieces that have lasted many children. This is a totally budget-friendly option.

If ethics is your jam, you can choose brands that are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. Read more on that here. You can also choose a brand that has a supplier that is Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) Certified. Read more on that certification here.

Then there is my particular priorities: I love me some practical. I choose clothing for my children and for myself that will last beyond a single season, are adjustable where possible, can be layered, but also add lots of fun to getting dressed for the day. This is absolutely the core of Little Joy Clothing.

Little Joy Clothing designs are:

  • Gender neutral - younger children's body shapes aren't affected by gender

  • Adjustable cuffs/hems - for longer or shorter limbs

  • Generous lines - designed for an array of body shapes

  • Made with a little stretch - for comfortable playtimes!

  • Season-less - great for layering and wearing over many seasons

Investing in children's clothing is a smart fashion choice. As parents we may say 'what's the point? My kid/s grow so quickly!' And that's where buying a few pieces that go with so many other items, that allow layering, that are ethically made .... basically clothes that are actually designed for practical reasons, is THE answer. A few quality pieces will be the base of their wardrobe choices and give lots of flexibility, thereby being a smart (and smaller!) investment for parents.

How do you invest in your kids' clothing?

Aleza xx

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