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Clothing isn't just clothing

Now, more than ever, clothing is used to identify and tell a story.

I was watching The Breakfast Club with Charlotte (she's 17) for her school assignment. It helps if I watch it as well and then we can discuss her work together. Now The Breakfast Club is actually slightly before my teen time, I was a Clueless era teen, so I didn't get around to watching it until I was in my 20's. I'll admit I didn't get what all the fuss was about, then as I watched it with my teenager I understood it so much more.

For anyone that hasn't seen it, the entire movie takes place in a single location (a high school) and primarily in one room (a library). Five students are in detention for the entirety of a Saturday and all of them come from completely different areas of student stereotypes - the athlete, the princess, the brain, the criminal, and the basket case. Each is so clearly defined by their mode of dress and as an audience we immediately want to identify with the one we most relate to.

The "Brat Pack" of The Breakfast Club - Universal Pictures

So how does this "Brat Pack" relate to children's clothing? Children's clothes are chosen by the parents to reflect the parent's style. So let's provide options that are about style, rather than gender.

In my journey through the online shopping world via Instagram, I have loved getting to see such a wide variety of choices of clothing for children. It is so overdue! Young children's body shapes do not differ due to gender like teens and adults bodies do. Therefore, there's absolutely no reason why a department store requires clothing sections for young children grouped by gender.

So what can they wear?

  • Minimalism - stripping back the unnecessary

  • Maximalism - a contrary reaction to the mundanity of pandemic isolation

  • Cottagecore - a reaction against capitalism

  • Normcore - a rejection of extravagance

  • Unisex - clothes to be worn by just people

Would love to hear from you what you like to dress your children in!

Aleza & The Little Joy Family x

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