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Why unisex?

Honestly, I have had an overwhelmingly positive response to starting a unisex brand. Most commonly I hear "Well that makes perfect sense!" And it does, so why are the big manufacturers still insisting on dividing children's clothing into "Boys" and "Girls"?

In my opinion it's money. It is always about the money. If a customer has a son and then a daughter then they supposedly need to buy a whole new set of clothes for their second, alternate gender child.

My initial thought when I was narrowing down what sort of clothes I wanted to design and sell was to be PRACTICAL. Hey, I'm a mum of many, I get it. Practical often goes hand-in-hand with economical! Finding genuinely unisex clothing is all but impossible. Sure, there are plenty of pieces from the "Boys" section I purchase for all of my kids, but I wanted to create pieces that are specifically intended to be unisex. Designed with love and care to be flexible for all kids.

Haaniya is wearing the jumpsuit & jacket; Boston is wearing the trousers & jacket from the {Circus} range.

Another aspect I was very firm about in my designing process was to ensure the whole range is interchangeable. It drives me crazy when I have to go to different shops to pull an outfit together! I love that if it is hot, the jumpsuit is perfect on it's own, or you can add a t-shirt or a jacket as it gets cooler.

Both Emily & Haaniya are wearing jumpsuits and Ringmaster jackets from the {Circus} range.

And finally, I really wanted to ensure the pieces are timeless. There's no need to worry about adhering to the latest trend because the colours and styles will suit for many years to come.

All of the items will easily interchange with each other, or just as easily with many items in the wardrobes they already have.

Archer and Haaniya are both wearing the jumpsuits and t-shirts from the {Circus} range.

Aleza & The Little Joy Family x

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