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But how to begin?

So great, I have all these ideas bursting out of me (like, seriously, you should see how many designs I had in my head demanding to be created!) but what do I do with them? Where does one even begin on a journey when they don't have a map to follow?

I googled and googled and googled some more. I booked meetings, I researched costs, then I committed to an Australian company, Visionise, and met Ash who stepped me through how to communicate my designs to manufacturers.

In my need to understand the whole design process, I made clothing (clumsily) trying to piece together my mental pictures as physical items, to ensure they could in fact be made. I watched many Youtube videos (how to draft a pattern, how to make a collar, how to sew a sleeve) and made mock-ups from scraps of materials.

My first drawing of the Ringmaster jacket

Haaniya wearing my first mock up to see how it fits and how the movement is whilst being worn. I am so in love with the tails!

And at last, the tech pack drawings created by Ash. Way more professional!

Aleza xx

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