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A partnership

Now I have my designs on paper (well, in a digital file) I was keen to find a manufacturer to make them for me. Being a conscientious start up brand, I wanted a low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) so that I can ensure quality and not become another fast fashion provider.

I did start my search in Australia but options are limited and quite frankly, elitist and unrealistic. Disappointed, I reached out to Bali (keeping close to minimise travel impact, Bali is closer to Perth than Sydney!) but they are all owned or run by Europeans and Australians, or don't work with start ups. So then I expanded my search to South Asia and found a lot more traction.

Finding the right fit took a long time but oh I am so thrilled to have found a wonderful team in Bangladesh, FCE (Fabrics and Commodities Exchange). Ashraf and Ruhan head up a wonderful team that are so patiently overseeing bringing my designs to life.

Many cups of tea were required on this search!

Aleza & The Little Joy Family x

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