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A fire

It truly is incredible how much you take it for granted that life is going to have bumps, but tragedy is what you see on the telly, not to your family home.

In January 2016, a massive bushfire ripped through the small South West West Australian town of Yarloop. The loss was absolute for three quarters of the town, including the family home that we moved into after finishing our bus travels.

So many said "at least you're all alive", yeah, we are are, but we also lost so many memories. Amongst so many other things, the kids all had their own memory boxes filled with special items and photos and stories from their childhood, ready for when they turned 18 and they could reflect on their childhood as they entered their adulthood. It hurt, I genuinely wept as the two eldest kids turned 18 without their boxed childhood. I will no doubt have more ugly cry as they all age into adulthood.

How is this related to what I am doing today? It means that I have learned a deeper sense of gratitude and joy for existing in the now. It also means I have learned to back up my photos with both prints and cloud storage!

Aleza & The Little Joy Family x

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